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What is a Shareholder Annual General Meeting?

Shareholder annual general meetings are a state law statutory requirement for both private and public companies. Annual meetings are a corporate governance mechanism that allows shareholders to be informed about the affairs of the company and exercise their rights to...

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Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act

Signed into law in January 2021, the Corporate Transparency Act seeks to combat money laundering, corporate misconduct, and other illicit financial activities. The purpose of the Act is to increase transparency through the reporting of beneficial ownership information...

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What is a Divisive Type D Reorganization?

A divisive Type D reorganization is a type of tax-free or tax-advantaged corporate reorganization allowed under the United States Internal Revenue Code that lets companies change their structure without incurring immediate tax consequences. With a Type D...

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What is a Business Continuity Plan? 

You have worked hard to build your business over the years. You need to implement a plan that outlines how your company would continue to function after a significant disruption. You have insurance on far less valuable objects;  a well crafted plan is as important as...

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What is Theft of Corporate Opportunity?

Corporate directors and officers owe a fiduciary duty to the company not only to safeguard business assets — but they also cannot usurp business opportunities for personal gain. Closely related to self-dealing, the corporate opportunity doctrine precludes corporate...

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