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Transactions and Corporate Law

We serve as a trusted advisor, working closely with senior management and the Board of Directors. By providing legal advice, we work with you to shape the most effective business strategy.

Sometimes we can identify a more tax efficient way to get a deal done. Sometimes we suggest an alternative transaction structure with less legal risk. We are results oriented in the way we handle each assignment. As our motto suggests – we understand that clients come to us to help them solve problems – not to create new ones.

Security and Finance

Our firm serves as trusted advisors to the officers and directors and protects your interests by implementing the necessary corporate safeguards. We will help you negotiate the deal and draft the documents, or review them to make sure there are no trip wire provisions or other time bombs.

We always work without excessive legal cost. We avoid overstaffing deals – so as much as possible the capital you raise will help make a difference in running your business instead of paying transaction costs.

Domestic and International Tax Planning

This is an area of our practice where we provide enormous value to our corporate clients — planning transactions to take maximum effect of the tax laws given the client’s tax posture at the time of the transaction and the client’s expected tax posture at the time of the tax consequence.

Tax Litigation and Controversy

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Commercial Litigation

Sometimes mediation and compromise just don’t work and there is no choice but to litigate. When that happens, Brinen & Associates is ready for the fight. We are staunch advocates and gladiators in suits. We approach each litigation strategically, first working with our clients to define goals and objectives up front, and then developing a tactical plan to best achieve them. We stay true to our firm philosophy by staffing leanly and avoiding unnecessary expense, so our clients are better positioned to endure the rigors of a long campaign.


A lawyer is a lawyer first; then she is a tax attorney or a securities attorney or a litigator. At Brinen & Associates, along with the expertise we develop in our respective practice areas, we strive to be well-rounded, to develop a holistic and integrated view of legal issues so we can better serve our clients.

That being said, sometimes it’s convenient to describe what we do by following the legal industry convention and describing our firm in the traditional practice areas. These practices are the concentrations under which we practice, but they are not how we view ourselves.