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Forming Your Company

Launching a business venture can be extremely thrilling and challenging and requires passion, time and resources. Enlisting the advice of an attorney who understands the intricacies of business ownership is the best way to ensure your enterprise starts with a clear direction.

Brinen & Associates can help. In addition to our breadth of experience, we’ve been in your shoes — we are also a small business, which is why we’re uniquely positioned to help you launch and develop your venture.

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Financing Your Company

Once your company is formed, Brinen & Associates can advise you on financing. Whether your business is going public or remains private, we advise on the proper legal documentation to take in financing and ensure that it is completed in compliance with relevant state and federal laws.

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Operating Your Company

From the outset, you need clearly written documents to govern and guide your business operations. Depending on your form of company, these documents are known as operating agreements, partnership agreements, or shareholder agreements. We can help you draft these agreements, which can help establish the daily, weekly, and annual expectations of your business. They also define how your business runs and how you will split the money when it’s earned.

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Growing Your Company

We’ve established that your company’s products or services are in demand, and that you’ve thankfully hired employees to handle the increasing workload. When business is on the upswing, you may find a greater need for new space, property and resources. Or you may know of a company you’d like to partner with or acquire. Whether your company is increasing in size or scope, Brinen & Associates can help you plan for its growth.

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Defending Your Company

Clients put their trust in us. When they put the fate of their businesses in our hands, they deserve the highest level of service and expertise. We take this position of trust seriously and treat it as a privilege, which is why clients always have direct access to us.

No matter what legal issue you’re facing, we will work tirelessly to defend your company or prosecute the claim.

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