Forming Your Company

Enlisting the advice of an attorney who understands the intricacies of business ownership is the best way to ensure your enterprise starts with a clear direction.

Financing Your Company

Whether your business is going public or remains private, we advise on the proper legal documentation to take in financing and ensure that it is completed in compliance with relevant state and federal laws.

Growing Your Company

Growth is a clear indication that your business is successful. Deciding how, when and where to grow are important decisions that Brinen & Associates can help you make in the most cost-conscious manner.

Operating Your Company

We can help your business flourish by offering counsel in the areas of operations, governance, and management.

Defending Your Company

Clients put their trust in us. When they put the fate of their businesses in our hands, they deserve the highest level of service and expertise. No matter what legal issue you’re facing, we will work tirelessly to defend your company or prosecute the claim.



Brinen & Associates specializes in serving the needs of public companies, entrepreneurs, private companies and individuals. For many of our small business clients, we serve as an outside general counsel: addressing the full spectrum of their legal issues, from corporate law, securities law and taxation to commercial litigation. We strive to provide the same high level of legal expertise you’d expect to find at a large multinational law firm but without all the layers of staffing and excessive cost. Our firm’s value proposition offers that of a big firm with a fraction of the cost and the accessibility you need. We are committed to providing professional service with a personal touch.

The firm’s attorneys we are called upon to help our clients in many different ways – whether in the courtroom or the boardroom – we face a wide variety of problems that need to be solved and deals that need to get done. These stories illustrate the way we approach these disparate client matters. Not every case or controversy ends in victory. These stories illustrate we are always looking for new ways to solve old or seemingly intractable problems.