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New York Securities Litigation and Finance Lawyers

Money makes the world go round; however, happiness greases the axle. Without this lubricant, life will seize.” — Paul Van Der Merwe

In business, you can either build it or buy it.

Based in New York, our corporate lawyers help the entrepreneur, the members and the partners, the C-suites and the senior management, and the Board of Directors of small private and public companies build their business.

As securities litigation and finance attorneys, we help your company buy what you need for your business.  The currency we help you use is the debt or the equity of your business enterprise.

Our clients are the companies and corporations with that elusive spark that need financing to ignite their fire.  They have the desire for acquisitions or the need for working capital to invest in the people, the products, and infrastructure to further their endeavors.  We have expertise to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs.  We design private placements and PIPES deals, as well as debt financings, hard asset loans, debt exchanges, venture capital rounds and public offerings. We can get under and into the offerings, tailoring the needs of the enterprise with the wants of the investors.  We shepherd you through the process.

For public companies, we continue with you on every step of your journey.  We assist you with registering and listing your company.  We help you keep compliant with the necessary filings to report financial results, ownership changes, acquisitions, shareholder meetings, and uplisting, all the while leveraging the most important currency your enterprise possesses.  Its equity.

We have the experience and the knowledge to represent you defending the gains you make in your enterprise from the threats of litigation or regulation through corporate structure and representation at the administrative level and in court.

Our firm protects your interests by implementing the necessary corporate safeguards. We will help you negotiate the deal and draft the documents, or review them to make sure there are no tripwire provisions or other time bombs.

We always work without excessive legal cost. We avoid overstaffing deals – to ensure that the capital you raise will help make a difference and move the pieces on the board to run your business and press forward out of the noise. If you are looking for a finance and securities litigation attorney in or around New York, contact us today!