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How to Survive the First Round of Our Job Interviews

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.….. Smelled like victory.” Lt. Col. Kilgore, from “Apocalypse Now”

Good Wednesday morning.How to Survive the First Round of Our Job Interviews

On Monday we publicly announced that we are seeking to fill law clerk spots. Of the approximately thirty applicants, we have collectively whittled it down to the ones we want to see.

To those few – and you know who you are – good luck, and Godspeed.   You are going to need it as your interview date nears.

For those of you who didn’t get the call – do not despair. I have been in your place. I thought that if they would only give me the job, I could demonstrate how good I could be. I thought that the job was written for me. It doesn’t mean you are bad. It means you are not the right fit for us.

In the end, that is the key – good or bad for us. While we are an inclusive, accommodating bunch, you are here to serve a need. If you can’t meet that need because of the course work you chose to take, or your focus as described in a cover letter, or if you can’t commit to the hours – then you are not for us.

If you have mistakes in your cover letter or resume – you are not for us.

If you are rude to the local barista – you are not for us.

We would rather start this whole process again rather than take on someone less than excellent. We are looking for one of us.

In every blog post I like to include a takeaway for a potential client – I think there’s a few in this post.

However, I’d like to demystify something for the future lawyers who will be entering my office looking for a job.

You are not a special snowflake.




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