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Diving Back Into The Tank

diving-back-into-the-tank“Flunk me? Flunk him!”- Thornton Mellon, Back to School

I return to my alma mater, Bucknell University every semester to take part in a business course’s mock “Shark Tank,” hosted by my former professors. You may remember my thoughts on the winter semester’s event from a March post.

This is an event I look forward to greatly, and it’s totally worth the traffic I slugged through. Today’s the day to gnash my teeth and chomp into some kids again to see if they have what it takes to make it in the modern business world.

Anyone thinking of building a business and seeking investors should take part in a mock pitch just to see how thick their skin really is. It’s a truly invaluable experience. If you can withstand what actors can throw at you, you just might have what it takes to succeed.

Feel free to share your “Shark Tank”-style experiences below.



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