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New York Corporate and Transactional Lawyers

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts— Winston Churchill

Getting deals and transactions done for our clients is at the heart of our corporate practice. We represent the cutting edge of a new economy.  We represent the survivors and the scrappers.  Our clients not only weather the storm but thrive in it.  Closing deals for the entrepreneurial and the tenacious requires tough and dedicated practice, and the willingness to stand by the client through the lean times as well as the good times.  The role that our corporate and transactional lawyers play is often much more substantial than just executing on our clients’ instructions.  We provide the insight to navigate in the fog of this fast and confusing world.

We work with the entrepreneur, the members, and the partners, the C-suites and the senior management, and the Board of Directors of small private and public companies. You are our people.  We are your lawyers.  We listen and understand because we are a small private company and understand the trials and challenges you face in pursuing your business.  We are only a phone call or a text away.  You have access to us, and we relieve the business concerns of uncertainty and legal questions with that access.

We work with you to shape the most effective business strategy to accomplish the goal of the enterprise.  We use all of the tools at our disposal to craft an effective and efficient solution that not only suits your needs but critically accomplishes your goals.  The key to an effective business solution as a corporate lawyer is to see the whole chessboard and all of the pieces on that board. As corporate attorneys, we have the perspective and insight to see how each piece works together, to smooth out the friction between pieces to make your business work, and not have legal issues drive the business.

Often we identify a more tax-efficient way to get a deal done. This tax advice may involve suggesting an alternative transaction structure with less legal risk to your business. We may suggest a securities-law solution to a corporate or tax problem.  Sometimes, we must throw an elbow, and take the necessary, aggressive action to defend your rights in court.  We are results-oriented in the way we handle each assignment. As our motto suggests – we understand that clients come to us to help them solve problems – not to create new ones.

Our corporate transactional lawyers service clients in the NY area and represent clients throughout the United States and internationally in Italy, Ireland, and the UK. For international transactions work, we have foreign-trained lawyers who culturally comprehend our international client’s needs.