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When is Your Business Ready to Evolve?

Many businesses start as sole proprietorships. While this business structure is easy to form for new entrepreneurs, when your company has grown you will seek to limit your liability. How do you know when your business is ready to evolve? What structure should you...

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How Do I Go Public?

Going public is a major milestone for a company. Going public is not for everyone, and one size does not fit all. Should you decide to go public, doing so comes with numerous benefits. The biggest advantage is being able to use the equity of your company as a form of...

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What is a Foreign Business Registration?

If you formed an entity in one state, and wish to conduct transactions in New York, you will need to register your company in New York as a Foreign Business. Critically, if you do not have a certificate of authority for your foreign business, you will not be able to...

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How Do I Form a Corporation in New York

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be aware that there are many advantages to forming a corporation. A corporation separates the shareholders from the entity and can provide personal liability protection. However, you may be wondering, “how do I...

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