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Tax Responsibilities of Independent Contractors

While full-time employment is the standard, the gig economy has gained momentum over the last several years. If you are considering whether going into business for yourself is the right decision for you, you must understand the tax implications and responsibilities...

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Hiring 1099 Contractors

If you own a business, you might hire 1099 contractors on an ongoing basis, or for a particular project. Contractors – or as they might be referred to today gig workers -  can offer your company flexibility and provide several financial and legal benefits. While using...

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When You Need That Bigger Boat: Finding Key Employees

“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.” J. Paul Getty.

The watershed moment in any business is when you as an entrepreneur, turn to your partner and say, “We need to hire someone.”

Hiring is one of the toughest skills to obtain. I use a very technical, specific method to hire law clerks. Everyone — from the receptionist through the senior staff — weighs in and we see if they will be able to join the culture and then we test their technical skills and their writing. I use a completely different, softer approach to find a lateral hire; its more about the interpersonal skills.

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