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What are the Benefits of Filing a Form 8-K?

Under the Securities Act of 1934, an issuer – a company that is publically traded – must make certain reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on a periodic basis.  An issuer must file a Form 10-K for annual reports, and a Form 10-Q for quarterly...

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What is an S-1?

How does a company transition from a privately-held entity to a publicly-traded corporation?  You need to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  How do you register?  A corporation has a few options to register with the Commission, but...

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What Goes Into an LLC Operating Agreement?

An operating agreement is the critical governing document used by a Limited Liability Company (an “LLC”).  The Operating Agreement customizes the terms of a company according to the owners' needs. The Agreement outlines how business decisions will be made in a...

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What is a 10-K?

Form 10-K is an annual report filed by reporting companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). This report includes critical details about a company's financial performance over the course of the fiscal year. A 10-K provides investors with the insight...

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