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Make Globalization Great Again

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” — V, from V For Vendetta

Part of Der Gropenfuhrer’s plan to make America great again is to build walls, which I believe hinders globalization. My feeling is that with a physical wall also comes social, emotional and nearly every other type of wall you can conjure. And those walls can and will affect you and your business.

Our international counterparts may think we’ll run our companies following the lead of a kleptocrat who in his inauguration speech said the idea of “only America first” would guide his administration. If you want to be lumped together with that idea, then fine and good luck to you. I know many others, however, who do not want to be thought of that way by their peers, colleagues and potential clientele.

The way to combat this can be summed up in my new business motto for the next four years: Make globalization great again. In fact, it may be my motto forever, and I think you should claim that phrase for yourself, as well.

Globalization allows for the exchange of ideas. And as I quote – ideas are bulletproof. Moments before I began writing this post, I was in New York:

  1. Sipping a “flat white” coffee drink, the concept of which originated from New Zealand or Australia, while;
  2. Researching a New Jersey client’s international expansion proposal, while also,
  3. Conceding a bet with a German friend about who’d win the presidency. Now, I have to support the aviation industry by flying across the Atlantic for her to buy me Oktoberfest dinner. (my trademarked “winner buys, loser flies.”

In that brief scenario, coffee, retail, business, communication and food services are all at play on a worldwide level. I’m sure you also have those sorts of experiences all day, and you need to harness them for your next big idea or venture.

As an owner and operator and legal professional who advises the like, I can say that this is the most advantageous time to start your business or up your game.

Technological and communications advances are transferring ideas and leveling playing fields.

For example, while responding to an RFP, you can research your competitors to make sure you offer something they don’t. If they’re larger in scale, maybe you can beat them on costs. If they’re smaller, maybe you can beat them on quality or experience.

Use what you can to your advantage, ethically, and embrace other cultures and industries. I think you’ll see more growth with that mindset. If you really want to invest in a wall, consider internet firewalls.

Do your part to keep globalization alive and it’ll benefit yours and other small businesses. The world can be a smaller place than we often realize. New York Telephone’s old slogan should be exhumed for 2017 because “we are all connected.”

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