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It’s a new day, and a new website

new website and social mediaWatson, come quickly.” — Alexander Graham Bell

Good morning.  It’s a new day, and a new website.

A new website and new venture into the world of blogging and social media.

For my first post, and before you get to know more about me, and my firm, and what we do, I think its appropriate to thank those that brought us to this place.

First, I would like to thank Good2bsocial and Guy Alvarez and Joe Lamport.  They are virtual sherpas into this new landscape of social media.

Second, I would like to thank Ms. Luciana Mallozzi.  Ms. Mallozzi is a classically trained artist and my graphic designer.  She’s responsible for much of the graphic content of the site and our logo and branding.  You can find her here.

Last, but certainly not least, my devoted and long suffering colleagues at Brinen & Associates – Stephanie Gruenhagen, Martha Thrush, and Brian Igoe.  They have helped us revamp the website with content, images, thoughts, along with general discussion and disagreement about the best way to present our firm to the world.

What follows is the result.

Thank you, all.




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