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Rule Number One for Beating the Government on your 1040

individual taxYou must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you gotta leave a tip.”– Morgan Stanley advertisement

Tax professionals across the country, and in fact, across the world adhere to the one tried and true method for lowering taxes – organization.

Organization is everything. Organization can topple the giants of the Internal Revenue Service. Organization is lower taxes.

Good organization comes in the form of receipts, organized by topics, calculated, and applied to the taxes.

We love organization. In this season of not giving (to the government) we would like to give something to you.

Here’s some organization. We have created a form that helps you pull together all the basic information an individual will need to develop an effective tax planning strategy. It’s our helping hand so you can get started upon the arrival of tax planning season. In order to download the form, please fill out the form below with your email address and the form will be emailed to you.

This form is one of many possible forms to help you make sense of that shoebox of receipts and relationships.  By filing out the form, you will be neatly  organizing the relationships and personal information for you, yours spouse, and your dependents – both children and others.  By answering the questions on the second page and keeping the receipts in the organizational structure will make tax preparation smooth as appeasing a government bureaucracy with no heart and no soul and no memory or conscience.
After all, even Einstein needed help with his 1040.

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