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Father's Day BlogOnce again, for father’s day, I am turning over blog-writing responsibilities to my daughters, or, as I refer to them, the Management Committee.

Go for it, girls!

I’m Eleanor. I am the oldest sister and the sister in charge of writing for my dad today. I have two sisters named Fran and Abigail. I am ten years old. Fran is eight years old. Abigail is five years old.

It is a year later. I’ve learned more about what he does: my dad works with businesses and helps them; he puts together wills for people. He goes to court more now. He did a trial in Colorado. One of our Dad’s jobs at home is to teach us how to be a good person. My sisters and I each came up with 3 things that our father taught us.

I’ll start off with Abigail:

  1. Clean up the messes we make.
  2. Have good manners.
  3. Don’t throw tantrums when you do not get your way.

Next is Fran:

  1. Helping others get things that they can’t do or reach.
  2. Ask for things nicely, good manners.
  3. Help out instead of some one else do the work for you.

Dad taught me to:

  1. Care for each other and others too.
  2. Respect everyone because of who they are and what they do.
  3. Think from the heart and not only the head.

Oh yeah – and cute is fine, but smart is better.

Happy Father’s Day to all not only my Dad! To all the fathers reading this blog; here is some advice from a 10 year old, please teach your kids kindness, respect, and manners so you won’t get any bad news from their teachers. Happy Father’s Day again, bye!




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