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What’s a Section 351 Transfer and When is it Used?

Section 351 of the Internal Revenue Code facilitates the growth of corporations. While those who own assets that come with built-in gain might wish to transfer their property into a new corporation in exchange for stock in the company, this provision permits them to...

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What is a 10-K?

Form 10-K is an annual report filed by reporting companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). This report includes critical details about a company's financial performance over the course of the fiscal year. A 10-K provides investors with the insight...

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How Do I Go Public?

Going public is a major milestone for a company. Going public is not for everyone, and one size does not fit all. Should you decide to go public, doing so comes with numerous benefits. The biggest advantage is being able to use the equity of your company as a form of...

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How to Transfer Shares of a Public Company

After you purchase shares of a public company, you might sell or transfer them at some point. Transferring shares is covered by Section 4 of the Securities Act of 1933. This statute provides two exemptions from registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission...

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