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Forming an S-Corporation

As a shout-out to all my accountant readers and colleagues, I would like to discuss a corporate structure with an S Election – or the S-corporation structure.  Many business owners choose to structure their companies as S-corporations. This status provides small...

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How Do I Form a Corporation in New York

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be aware that there are many advantages to forming a corporation. A corporation separates the shareholders from the entity and can provide personal liability protection. However, you may be wondering, “how do I...

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What is an S Corp?

If you are considering forming a business entity, you may be wondering “what is an S corp?” An S corporation is a regular corporation that meets certain criteria specified by the Internal Revenue Code and elects a special election under Subchapter S of the Internal...

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Staying Single: The One-Member LLC

“I like being single. I am always there when I need me.” - Art Leo One question I’m asked by new entrepreneurs is whether one person can be his or her own company. The short answer is: Yes.   We are not talking freelancing, here. There are reasons people will want to...

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Start-Up Scenarios

“...your body of work is what people remember you for.” - Brian Boitano Last month we reviewed some questions worth asking your legal advisor in the early days of your business. We received some “what if” questions and scenarios that we can explore this week. While...

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