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Can You Sue a Business That No Longer Exists?

If you have a claim against a business that no longer exists, you may wonder whether you can sue them. After all, they do not exist.  How can you sue something that is not there? First understand, whether the company is merely out of business or is inactive, or...

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What is a Privilege Log in Commercial Litigation?

A privilege log in commercial litigation describes the documents and data withheld in a lawsuit based because they contain “privileged information.” In litigation, documents may be privileged because they fall under the work product doctrine, meet the criteria for...

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Understanding Confidentiality Orders 

Commercial litigation often involves the production of information and data not publicly available. Confidentiality orders can be crucial to shield competitive information during the discovery process. These orders can help to prevent the dissemination of information...

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What is ESI?

ESI is short for “electronically stored information.” ESI is used to define any documents or data created and/or stored in electronic form on a computer or other device. As technology is increasingly used by people and businesses, ESI has become a significant part of...

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Commercial Litigation: Know Your Enemy

When faced with a commercial dispute, knowing your enemy is crucial to understanding what kind of litigation you can expect. Many litigants are business people who merely want to resolve a problem. Other parties who bring their case to court are trying to send a...

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When Filing a Lawsuit What Court Should I Be In?

To file a lawsuit, you have two options. You can sue on the state level or you can sue in the federal court system. How do you know where your case belongs? And what are the advantages of each option? A person bringing a lawsuit only two ways to hear a case in federal...

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