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From the Peanut Gallery

Jun 22, 2015 | about the firm

“My dad works to make money, to buy ice cream.” – Eleanor Brinen

brinenIn the spirit of The Family Circus, I have turned over this week’s blog post to my daughters, Eleanor, Fran, and Abigail (with some thoughtful editing by my wife). The opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of the management.

Today is father’s Day, so we want to talk about our dad.

I am only nine years old. My sisters – Fran and Abigail – are seven and four. Already, we have learned so much from him.

Our daddy is a lawyer and he works very, very hard. He sets a good example for us. We know that our dad is a tax lawyer and we don’t exactly know what that means but he helps a lot of people with their problems. He has taken six bar exams! We helped study for the last one he took in Nevada.

Daddy has been to many places for work like Vietnam, Australia, and China and not so far places like Houston, Texas and Gadsden, Alabama. All the things he has seen and experienced have helped make him the unique person he is.

Our daddy makes us laugh, he makes us feel better when we’re sad. He takes care of us.

He told us to never give up and never to quit the job. He told us to keep trying and don’t be afraid to try new things like traveling all the way to Australia and trying different foods. Our daddy cares very deeply about us. The reason why he works so hard is because of us.

My dad took my seven year old sister to a charity event to raise money for the poor children in Vietnam. Neal and Sandra run that charity, and showed my dad and my seven year old sister around the charity when they were there.

Tiny is one very fun client I know. My dad helps Tiny with her work that she does. She is funny by telling jokes that make me laugh.

My dad loves us all and we love him so much.


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I formerly worked as a satellite employee from my home state of New Jersey. I ended my employment with my former employer in 2016. In 2018, I was sued by my former employer for $1.1 million in Illinois State Court. I was referred to Brinen & Associates, LLC by a friend who is a client of the firm. Brinen & Associates, LLC came highly recommended. I contacted Joshua Brinen and then had a consultation at his office with his colleague Mark White. Together, Messrs. Brinen and White explained my options...

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